I am an elopement and intimate wedding photographer. A Brazilian based in Dallas, Texas. I am a yoga lover, dog mom, kombucha enthusiast and a huge fan of Beyoncé. I have loved photography since I was 9 years old when I first found my mother's film camera. I still remember photographing everything around me. When I turned 18 I got my first Nikon and I haven't stopped shooting since. Photography is my safe place, shooting with my couples keeps my heart beating and enriches my soul. I am as cheesy as it gets.

and I believe in soulmates.


Hey there, I am Bruna Kitchen,

raw feelings
real connections
love over pos-y images

My Approach

Four years ago I decided to learn more about weddings, during that time I was only taking portraits for fun. One day I got a call from a bride telling me that she saw my portraits and her wedding was two days away and for personal reason her photographer wouldn't be able to cover the day. I told her I was legit new to weddings but she insisted! This is how I started, after shooting her wedding I was truly inspired to pursue my dreams. I shot two of her daughters's weddings in the following years, three weddings for the same family!

How I started shooting weddings...

I came from Brazil's northeast coast, so I can definitely call myself a beach gal. For 24 years of my life I just needed to walk less than a mile to enjoy the ocean view. The ocean calms me down, the proof of that is two of my favorite places: The Oregon Coast and San Francisco!!!! But the place that really feels like home to me is. near the mountains... the  fresh air, the tones, the smells, everything feels right in place and perfect like a dream.

What place makes you feel like home?

Photographer, adventurous and kombucha lover.

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